Wiltshire Schools: A Fitness Revolution

Gym installation at Hardenhuish - Wiltshire Schools

Over the past decade, we have designed and installed many gyms and strength and conditioning facilities for the education sector. Recently, we completed one of our most ambitious projects to date. In partnership with Wiltshire Schools, we have installed gyms in 13 schools over the past 18 months! Schools such as Hardenhuish, Lydiard Park, and Lawn Manor Academy now boast elite standard training facilities and equipment designed to inspire and motivate their students to reach their full potential.

Transforming Spaces, Transforming Futures

From converting unused classrooms to redesigning outdated school gyms, we have created state-of-the-art strength and conditioning (S&C) facilities, cardio and combat rooms, fitness suites, and free weight areas. Each project aimed to maximise the utility of available spaces, providing students and staff with modern, well-equipped fitness areas that promote physical activity and improve overall well-being.

High-Performance Equipment

From sled tracks, Werksan Power Racks, and Werksan Lionfit Half Racks, to Olympic standard bars, hex bars, and bumper plates, to APEX dumbbells, kettlebells, and Powerbag sandbags, we equipped each gym with high-performing equipment, storage solutions, and durable gym flooring. Cardio equipment like SkiErg, RowErg, and BikeErg machines were also included, as well as combat equipment like punch bags, combat dummies, and hook and jab pads to cater to a range of workouts for every user.

fitness equipment installed at Wiltshire Schools Lawn Manor School

Expert Training for Staff

To ensure the effective use of these new facilities, we are providing education and training sessions for staff and teachers. Led by Ed Archer, Performance Director at Athlete Academy, we will host three one-day workshops that will build staff expertise, enhancing their skills and confidence in managing physical education sessions. The training covers the use of the specialised S&C equipment we have fitted and will help educators develop strategies and effective lesson plans for youth physical development.

Ongoing Support

Our partnership with Wiltshire Schools doesn’t end with installation. We are offering comprehensive service packages to each school, including rapid response services, 12-month equipment warranties, and lifetime guarantees for welds and joints. Each gym will undergo a service every 12 months, and we provide free gym health checks to ensure that the facilities remain in top condition.

Fitness equipment supplied to Wiltshire Schools

Enriching Education & Community Engagement

The benefits of these gyms extend beyond physical fitness. They support students of all abilities in their training, helping students improve their health, and enrich the school curriculum. Some schools, like Lydiard Park Academy, have started generating revenue by opening the gym space to the wider public, creating connections with the local community and making fitness accessible to all.

Commitment to Grassroots Sports

Wiltshire Schools’ vision underscores the importance of gym spaces in student training and education. Alongside them, we believe in inspiring and motivating students through the development and design of grassroots facilities. These gyms reflect a commitment to building spaces where ambitions and achievements thrive, helping students of all abilities and levels to advance their athletic careers.

A Partnership for Progress

The installation of gyms in 13 Wiltshire schools has been a transformative project for everyone at Absolute Performance, bringing modern fitness facilities to thousands of students and staff. By designing and fitting gym spaces and providing ongoing support, we hope to continue playing a pivotal role in enhancing physical education and promoting the benefits of gym spaces in the education sector. Our work not only supports academic and athletic success but also aims to inspire students to pursue their fitness goals with confidence.

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