We offer annual servicing and maintenance contracts for all the gym equipment we provide and fit.


Every piece of equipment we supply comes with at least a 12 month warranty.

All our welds and joints come with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that high performance of your gym space is guaranteed.

It doesn’t happen often but there is nothing worse than having to restrict the usage of your gym or a piece of equipment due to a breakdown that’s why we offer a rapid response service.

In the first instance our engineers will try to resolve any issues over the phone. For more troublesome issues we’ll arrange a call out so that you can be back to full strength as soon as possible.


Every 12 months we will visit your gym and check all fixings, machines and equipment to ensure you, your team or clients can continue to enjoy your facility without interruption.

Of course if there are any issues in the interim we’ll happily help to resolve them for you, just get in touch.

Free gym health checks*

Losing a piece of equipment due to damage can have a serious effect on the smooth running of your business and your bottom line. So we offer a Gym Health Check service which will clearly identify any maintenance or repair issues before they become a problem.

Checks include:

  • Cables and pulleys
  • Equipment functions
  • Bike cranks
  • Bearings
  • Digital screens

Checks are carried out by our experienced installation and maintenance engineers and can also be included as part of an annual service plan.

*Gym health checks are carried out free of charge, any repairs required are subject to additional charges.

Other services

Gym Flooring

We believe that a great training space is built from the ground up, with gym flooring being a key factor in any training facility.

Gym Installations

Our installation team will be involved in your project from the beginning and will skillfully handle all aspects from laying the floor, to positioning the equipment.

Gym Design

Our gym design process incorporates every aspect of the space, making the very best use of the area. We’ll create the ideal place for users with individual and team goals to train side by side.

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