Unit 8 – Hyrox Hits Kettering

Unit 8 Training

Unit 8 Training is a new gym venture that brings the Hyrox fitness bug to Kettering and we were lucky enough to be chosen to kit out the new space.

Spotting a gap in the local market, gym entrepreneurs, Curtis Mason, Mark Nesbitt and David Andrews joined forces to transform a blank canvas building into a fully functioning strength and conditioning fitness space and we helped guide them along the journey. Unit 8 has now become an official Hyrox Gym.

Unit 8 Wall Racks

The Unit 8 team were looking for a free-flowing space that allowed clients to move easily between different equipment and could also be used for different uses. We started by planning the space using 3D design software which enabled them to visualise the area and manoeuvre equipment around before committing to the final design.

The end result is a robust, functional space with a combination of 30mm flooring and turf in designated areas. We kitted it out with a variety of equipment that will allow the guys to quickly change the use of each space, helping them to maximise their commercials. The large turfed area can be used for classes or an aerobic area, at other times a selection of Concept II machines can be wheeled into position.

The large mezzanine space is covered in 30mm rubber flooring and is an open multi-use area and the remainder of the ground floor features a combination of wall racks and benches for lifting exercises and an open space for free weights and plenty of storage solutions dumbbells, rollers and exercise balls.

During the design process, Curtis Mason, Director of Unit 8 commented:

The boys were impressed with the 3D design and it was great to see the unit looking more like a gym.

Once the gym was complete and the plans had come to life the Unit 8 Team were even more impressed:

(The gym) looks unreal now. Thank you for all your input on the design and help in bringing the place to life.


Products specified in this project include:

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