Lawn Manor Academy

Five rooms, multiple uses.

As spaces go, the project at Lawn Manor Academy was one of our more challenging and unusual schemes. With five interconnected rooms to make use of, which had been repurposed from other uses, it was important to provide flow and rhythm to the area so that students could move freely without disrupting their training sessions. Our solution demonstrates how unused spaces can be put to good use for the benefit and well-being of students.

We designated a use to each of the rooms:

Room 1 – Functional Studio Space

Complete with 30mm gym flooring throughout, two studio pump sets and enough free space for aerobic and step classes.

Room 2 – Strength & Conditioning Room

Featuring an array of gym essentials, racks, bars and plates to provide a complete powerhouse for the facility. The full kit list includes 30mm gym flooring, Apex PU Kettlebells, Apex Hex Dumbbells, Apex Sandbag Powerbags, Apex Bosu Balls, Apex Plyo Stack, Apex Speed Ropes, Apex Super Benches (Multi adjustable bench), Werksan Half Racks, Apex Elite Olympic Bars, Apex Rubber Bumper Plates, Apex Medicine Balls, and Legend Yessis Glute and Ham Developer.

Room 3 – Fitness Suite

Includes a collection of Pro Series fixed strength machines such as a Chest Press, Leg Press, Shoulder Press, Lat Pull Down/Low Row, Leg Extension and Leg Curl as well as a 12 metre turf sled track, Apex Sled and Apex Bumpers.

Room 4 – Combat Room

Designed for the students to complete combat based workouts with stand alone punch bag, stand alone combat dummy, gloves of various weights and sizes, hook and jab pads and completed with 30mm gym flooring.

Room 5 – Cardio Room

With enough CV equipment to occupy fourteen students at once, the space includes Concept2 Rowers, Concept2 Ski Ergs, Concept2 Bike Ergs, Tornado Airbikes and complements the existing set of three treadmills.

The team at Lawn Manor were over the moon with the finished set up, and so are the students as they can now make use of it for physical education lessons and extra-curricular sessions at breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs. The school is also using the space for external lettings, opening up a new revenue stream.

Mike Wilson, Curriculum Leader for Sports & Leisure commented:

Honestly, it’s unreal and I wish I could have captured the student’s faces as they walked around – was gold dust! I never imagined a fitness suite that comes anywhere close to what Ali and the AP team have designed and delivered. Staff and students alike have had their minds blown on arrival for the new academic year and they couldn’t wait to get in there.

This is truly transformational for our students and a huge coup for the school. As you know, some of our students come from difficult backgrounds and beginnings so this opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset through exercise will have an unbelievably positive effect. We will be eternally grateful for what you have done and I look forward to working with you or sharing the impact of the project with you.

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