Royal Grammar School Guildford

Creating A Winning Training Environment

Over the last year Royal Grammar School (RGS) Guildford boys have competed at the very highest levels of school sport, their U16 hockey team being crowned National Champions, and their shooting team winning the Country Life Cup. On an individual level, RGS boys have had national and international recognition in sports as diverse as canoeing, cross-country, hockey, ice hockey, rugby, and sailing.

So with such a pool of talent and a philosophy of ‘sport for all’, RGS recognised the need for improved strength and conditioning facilities to take their athletes another step further in their achievements.

RGS chose to work with Absolute Performance when deciding on the equipment they needed because of its experience in the strength & conditioning market, of putting together similar facilities, and working with institutes like UK Athletics and English Institute of Sport. The new gym has been kitted out with high quality, durable equipment; three Magnum Olympic lifting platforms (with RGS logo), Werksan training plates, Olympic bars, dumbbells and 12 new spinning bikes.

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