Fitting out FIT4IT

Founders and directors of the new FIT4IT hybrid gym, Katie Ford and Ryan Dack, took the best practice from around the world to create a revolutionary and innovative hybrid gym that has delivered real results for it’s 200 members.

FIT4IT offers much more than a regular membership gym.

  • An inclusive – fun, supportive environment that includes everyone, from basic to elite
  • Motivating – focused, delivering sustainable results.
  • Holistic – bringing exercise, training and nutrition together.
  • Personalised approach – bespoke programmes based on functional intelligence training for each member.
  • Educational – imparting knowledge to members, to help focus on meeting their goals.

Absolute Performance assisted FIT4IT with the specification of flooring, design and layout of the gym and specification of all the functional training equipment.

The equipment ranges from the traditional, Concept 2 rower, Cross trainer, Power racks, to more interactive kit such as the AP Double Conditioning Sleds, Battle ropes, Medicine balls, Slam balls, Sledge hammers, Power bags, Punch bags and even tyres to flip.

Members refer to it as their playground!

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