Sheffield Hallam University

The Task – Create a world-class training facility for SHU

SHU was carrying out a major refurbishment of its three gyms. A huge task costing £500k and requiring only the best solutions available.

Joining forces with global fitness supplier Precor, and utilising our vast experience within the education sector, Absolute Performance was drafted in as the strength and conditioning specialist.

he Solution – Following in the footsteps of England Rugby

While planning the development for the three gyms, representatives from SHU joined us on a visit to the home of England Rugby, Twickenham, to see the work we did at the National Fitness Centre.

To say they were “wowed” by what they saw is an understatement. From that moment onwards what they wanted was a facility that delivered in all the ways that the England rugby facility did – world-class equipment, functionality and durability.

Durability and Functionality

Like England Rugby, the University chose an integrated lifting platform area using our AP Heavyweight flooring tiles, made to withstand the toughest treatment that Olympic weightlifting training can throw at them. Laid to provide a totally level flooring area, they now provide SHU with a multiple-purpose training area for heavy lifting or carrying out other functional training exercises.

Dividing up the racks and platform areas, SHU has a 20-metre length of AP Evolution turf under-laid with a plyo shock pad system, which means it can be used for both sled and plyometric work.

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World Class Werksan

Last, but by no means least, there is also a range of fully-branded Werksan strength equipment, including three full racks, a leg press and eight half racks, all sporting Team Sheffield Hallam-branded Werksan Olympic plates.

Before we went to see the facility in Twickenham, we thought we knew what we could achieve but the standard of the facility we were shown completely raised our expectations. The team from Absolute Performance worked closely with our strength and conditioning coaches to put a package together that would most benefit our athletes.

The result is a facility that now feels bigger, is more functional and has some of the best equipment on the market. The integrated flooring solution supplied by Absolute Performance is one of the stand- out investments made as part of the overall development of our sports facilities over the summer and sets us apart from similar facilities in the region.

When choosing a supplier the functionality, quality and durability were key factors in our decision and the Werksan equipment supplied by Absolute Performance do not disappoint. This is enhanced by customer colours on all of the equipment in addition to branded plates. This attention to detail makes the facility a fantastic place to work, train and ultimately perform.

– Andrew Miller BSc, BA (Hons), MCIMSPA, Sport Operations Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

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