Munster Rugby

an elite strength and conditioning facility at a new high performance centre

Munster Rugby’s move to a single training venue at the University of Limerick called for a bespoke strength and conditioning space with an intelligent gym design and heavy-duty strength equipment. The new HPC was a symbol of Munster’s ambition on and off the field, and it needed to offer the very best in all-year-round training and match preparation facilities.

Fully equipped, maximising space

The facility had to have everything the coaches and players needed in one place. We were briefed to make the most of the space in the gym and to create the ideal area for the team’s training. Our gym design work, therefore, hinged on pinpointing the perfect strength equipment and nailing the layout.

Strength equipment

S&C equipment from world-leading brands including Werksan, Legend Fitness, and DC Blocks.

Custom branding

IWF-accredited bars and plates, racks and benches – all fully branded in team colours and logo.

A facility to cover all bases

Munster’s 15million Euro High-Performance centre demanded an impressive strength and conditioning facility, with an intelligent gym design and heavy-duty strength equipment that would meet the team’s needs across a range of training disciplines.

We’re proud to have played our part in delivering against the brief and in enabling Munster to set the standard among their competitors.

A strength facility that we are immensely proud of.

– Aled Walters, Head of Athletic Performance, Munster Rugby

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