Mindset – A Training Facility With Strong Military Heart

Mindset Functional Fitness in Treforest, Wales is headed up by CEO and Royal Marines Commando Veteran Neil Adams, who along with his hard working team brings an amazing community spirit and military ethos to the members and affiliates of the training facility. Neil’s strong military history and ambassadorial spirit in representing the British Armed Forces permeates the entire club, giving members a uniquely motivating training experience.

As a Royal Marine Commando veteran, I wanted to create a facility that not only has everything everyone could ever ask for but also keep the authenticity of a military feel. Members fully embrace our ethos of camaraderie, team work, determination, positivity and self-confidence

Absolute Performance was honoured to help Neil create his perfect gym. With Neil’s vision in mind and a close understanding of his needs, we set to work creating a functional fitness facility which truly fulfils the requirements of large group training.

Working with the team from Absolute Performance was a brilliant experience from start to finish. I have seen their work at many military bases, so it was a pleasure for me to have these guys help me create the best facility in the area

A huge block of functional floorspace was fitted with our high grade Absolute Performance turf, carefully selected in a khaki green to fit the military aesthetic and customised with the Mindset logo. The rest of the main floor area was dedicated to weight training. 30mm rubber floor tiling was added to withstand the continuous dropping of heavyweight plates, dumbbells and slam balls, and solid oak inserts added between custom double-sided functional training rigs. To accompany the steel training rigs, a custom-built ceiling-suspended monkey bar run was added to provide members with a functional military assault course experience.

Of course, no functional training facility is complete without the proper group training equipment. Row upon row of cast iron kettlebells, hard-wearing slam balls, wall balls, ropes, sleds and our Apex powerbags were supplied to compliment large group training and circuit activities. These were accompanied by all the storage racks and stands necessary to keep the space regimentally organised.

True to military resourcefulness, Neil and his team have even added to the list of equipment with tyres, kegs, ropes and sturdily constructed hurdles of their own, further adding to the group training experience.

The public are blown away when they see the Mindset space. It all came together perfectly, the Absolute Performance team were punctual, professional and always ensured I was happy with all work carried out.

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