Martin Nugent Elite Performance

Respected strength and conditioning coach Martin Nugent envisioned a world-class training facility that would redefine the standards of athletic performance. His idea: to transform an ordinary sports hall at Sunderland College into a space that would set new benchmarks in the realm of strength and conditioning.

Designing for Elite Performance

Central to Martin’s vision was the concept of space. Collaborating closely with him and his team, using our innovative 3D gym design software, we crafted a fully functioning gym that integrated heavy-duty strength equipment with specialised zones for targeted strength and conditioning training, ensuring ample room for athletes to manoeuvre. Each detail was carefully considered, from the layout of the equipment to the flow of the space, culminating in a seamless fusion of form and function.

The Future of Athletic Training

MNEP is more than just a gym – it’s an impressive, industry-leading facility where athletes can thrive, pushing the boundaries of their potential with every session. With bespoke branded strength equipment, the gym is now a dynamic space capable of enhancing the performance of elite athletes.

Together with Absolute Performance we have created a unique facility that encompasses everything that is required to train intelligently and unleash your inner athlete.

– Martin Nugent, Elite Performance

Leading the Way with Martin Nugent

The journey to creating a training centre that prioritised both functionality and freedom of movement was no challenge for Absolute Performance. As athletes step foot into this cutting-edge gym, we are proud to have helped Martin and his team set the standard, and knowing that within these walls, greatness awaits.

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