Royal Grammar School Newcastle

Royal Grammar School (RGS) in Newcastle invested in a £10 million building and development program, including an impressive new sports facility for its pupils and sporting teams. The high calibre facility, created with our equipment, also played host to the Scotland rugby world cup squad.

As with many of our projects, we were recommended to RGS by a previous client, and we were given a clear brief to design and install three distinct fitness zones within the new sports centre:

Zone 1 – The Studio Includes soft plyometric boxes, dumbbells, studio floors mats, medicine balls, gym balls and power bags for students to focus on functional training exercises.

Zone 2 – Strength and Conditioning Area We created a multi-functional training space using custom-built equipment including Apex Elite Power Racks, Apex Elite integrated Olympic lifting platforms, dumbbells and rack, Apex Series adjustable benches, Olympic bars and plates, 45 degree plate loaded leg press, DC Blocks®, resistance bands, technique bars and plates.

Zone 3 – Fixed-Strength / Cardio Gym Allowing the pupils to train in a safe manner to help build muscle and strength. We supplied Wattbikes, Concept2 rowing machines, Precor treadmills, Precor cross trainer, glute-ham raise and lying leg curl machines.

As a school, we were delighted to showcase our excellent facilities to the benefit of the Scotland squad and play our part in a memorable Rugby World Cup. The equipment supplied by Absolute Performance helped us do that.

– Angela Ponton, Director of Sport at Newcastle Royal Grammar School

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