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RAMS Rugby is a newly promoted rugby team playing in national 1 of the England rugby union leagues. They are an ambitious club running five adult teams, a lady’s team and a full roster of youth sides.

Whilst they do not pay players, they want to ensure that their players have the best facilities, coaching and environment that breeds success to hit the club’s ambitious goals. RAMS went from having no gym to having a small room with a couple of squat racks, to then deciding to grow the strength and conditioning side. After seeing success with it, they decided to have a dedicated facility to help develop their players.

Why They Chose Absolute Performance?

When it came to looking for a partner to provide the all-important strength and conditioning gym for the club, it was important to choose a company that had the expertise to deliver against the club’s ethos of providing elite level quality for the players.

RAMS approached Absolute Performance, having seen the level of work we had done for similar clubs and elite level sporting organisations, as well as feedback from several of their players who had used some of our previous facilities.

Once engaged, Simon and his team set about understanding RAMS’ requirements, ensuring that every inch of their new, purpose-built facility was utilised to meet their needs. From the flooring selected, to the equipment, every detail was covered and designed to deliver a new home for RAMS Rugby’s strength and conditioning suite.

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The build

The overall project was split into two parts, as RAMS were having a separate structure installed to house the new gym, the timing was everything. The new facility was being built as a temporary structure, to give them a 20m X 10m space for them to turn into a functional gym space.

From start to finish, from the structure being built to the gym being installed, it was 7 days, with the Absolute Performance install team building the gym from the flooring to installing the selected equipment in just 3 days. A huge achievement getting it ready for the players to use with a new season starting.

The results

Joe Southwell, 1st XV Strength and Conditioning Coach from RAMS Rugby commented

From my perspective it’s awesome. The equipment is very robust, it serves the purpose for what the boys in the club need. We have recently added in a range of custom dumbbells, ranging from 2.5kg up to 70kg, so there are aspirations for some of the players to get up to a few reps of them!

The end product is amazing. The gym speaks for itself, it looks great. In terms of other

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