The Fitness Factory

When it comes to creating a top-tier fitness facility, the importance of high-quality gym flooring cannot be overlooked. It’s the foundation – literally – on which every workout depends. We had the pleasure of fitting premium flooring for Fitness Factory’s sprawling mega gym in Newport, not only enhancing the gym’s appearance but ensuring its functionality and longevity for years to come.

The Fitness Factory Transformation

Fitness Factory is a mega gym designed to accommodate a diverse array of workouts and activities. From intense MMA training to general fitness and specialised classes, this huge facility needed superior flooring solutions that can handle it all. Tasked with providing over 2,500 m2 of flooring to meet the gym’s varied requirements, we carefully selected different types for each zone to ensure every area of the gym received the optimal flooring.

General Workout Space

For the main gym space, we installed 20mm rubber flooring. Known for its durability and excellent shock absorption, it is ideal for areas with high foot traffic and can withstand the pressures of varied workouts and activities. It also provides users with a safe, non-slip surface that enhances both safety and performance. By taking impact from weights and high-intensity movements, this flooring will protect the subfloor, preventing damage to the main structure of the facility and ensuring a safe environment for gym-goers.

Free Weights Zone

In the free weights area, the flooring has to endure the weight and repeated impact of heavy weights. Poor-quality flooring can crumble under pressure, especially in areas where weights are frequently dropped, leading to safety hazards and additional costs for repairs and replacements. For this zone, we chose our 40mm APEX heavyweight performance tiles. These robust tiles are sound-deadening and feature a 36mm PUR bonded rubber base topped with a 4mm EPDM layer, which is designed to protect the subfloor and withstand intense workouts. The interlocking pegs keep the tiles securely in place, preventing shifts during heavy lifting sessions and reducing the risk of injury.

Studio Areas

These areas host a variety of classes, so we used 10mm APEX rolled rubber flooring throughout two of the studios. This versatile flooring is very resilient and offers great protection against impact, making it perfect for high-intensity workouts and spin classes.

The Combat Room

Dedicated to boxing and MMA training, the combat room required specialised flooring that is lightweight and durable. We installed blue 20mm jigsaw foam flooring, these interlocking Tatami tiles are made from solid EVA material, are incredibly hard-wearing with anti-slip properties. The reversible embossed pattern provides a professional finish suitable for combat training that also helps to prevent friction burns when grappling on the floor.

Reception & Front of House

In the main reception area, we opted for high-quality vinyl flooring. This choice ensures durability and ease of maintenance, capable of handling the foot traffic and wear typical in busy gyms while adding a sleek and professional look to the entrance of the gym.

Floors That Perform

We know that choosing the right flooring is vital for any gym, and we take pride in delivering exceptional flooring solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. From the robust APEX heavyweight tiles to the versatile interlocking tatami mats, the successful installation at Fitness Factory’s Newport gym will provide the perfect balance of durability, safety, and aesthetics for its users.

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