England Rugby’s World-Class Fitness Centre

England Rugby team training with bespoke Absolute Performance Werksan Plate.

In the heart of Twickenham lies the England Rugby National Fitness Centre, a hub where the nation’s rugby elite prepare to conquer the international stage. With the pursuit of victory driving every aspect of their training regimen, we teamed up with the RFU (Rugby Football Union) to design a cutting-edge gym tailored to the needs of training champions.

Bespoke Gym Design for Peak Performance

Recognising the unique demands placed on rugby players, our gym design prioritised functionality and versatility. Working closely with RFU coaching staff, we engineered a space that fosters strength, power, and resilience against injury. Careful planning went into creating specialised training areas, each optimised for specific exercises to meet the squad’s needs such as the installation of a 4-meter wall-mounted rig, offering a dedicated space for players to build overall strength through traditional bodyweight exercises.

From scrummage and ruck zones fortified with rubber and silica crumb, to gym turf accommodating the double conditioning sled, innovative flooring solutions were devised to provide a solid base for player development while ensuring player safety and performance. Whether it’s a warm-up session or a high-intensity drill, our multi-layered gym flooring is designed to withstand the demands of rigorous training sessions.

Equipping Champions with Elite Gear

No detail was spared in outfitting the facility with top-tier strength equipment. An array of Werksan squat racks, pin select machines, IWF accredited Werksan plates, and bars were seamlessly integrated to facilitate targeted strength and conditioning routines. We also added specialised accessories like DC Blocks to complement the equipment ensemble, catering to the diverse training needs of rugby athletes.

A Testament to Team Spirit

Beyond functionality, the gym serves as a testament to the team’s ethos and pride in representing their nation. Inspirational wall art reinforces the values of resilience and determination synonymous with England Rugby. Every piece of equipment, from the branded dumbbells to the iconic rugby rose emblazoned on Werksan plates, serves as a reminder of the honour and privilege of playing for England.

Simon Worsnop, RFU National Fitness Advisor, commented on the collaboration, acknowledging Absolute Performance’s ability to exceed expectations:

Absolute Performance listened carefully to what we were saying and with their extensive experience and knowledge of installing rugby facilities, were prepared to challenge us to aim even higher.

As England Rugby continues its quest for global dominance, the National Fitness Centre stands as a testament to the dedication and relentless pursuit of greatness ingrained in every member of the squad. With every rep, every sprint, and every roar of triumph, we are thrilled to be a part of the legacy that England Rugby will forge within these walls.

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