Barnet Southgate College

Barnet College Gym Installation completed

A former NFL strength and conditioning gym has been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility for Barnet and Southgate College. The facility once used to train professional football players, has now become a hub of learning and physical activity for the students. With a focus on strength and conditioning, the college has invested in top-of-the-line equipment and amenities to support its students’ physical and mental growth. The transformation of the gym not only provides students with access to a world-class fitness centre, but also creates a unique and inspiring learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

The elite-standard gym installation features a series of eight Werksan Full Power Racks linked with bespoke storage solutions for bars, plates and over strength and conditioning kit. Barnet Southgate College is a large further education college in London offering courses in over 15 subject areas, including highly successful sports academies for football, athletics, basketball, boxing and tennis. The college needed a quality strength and conditioning training facility designed and installed that was suitable for students participating in a wide range of sports.

The college chose Absolute Performance to draw upon our vast experience in educational projects to create the best training environment for their students.

When choosing equipment, we knew that it needed to be high quality, accessible, functional and durable. We also had to take into account what would help with the students training across all sports and bring out the best performance results. As a result, the new gym was kitted out with APEX bumper plates, 6 and 7ft bars with aluminium collars, super benches, prowler sleds and hex bars. We also installed Werksan full power racks with storage, durable timber lifting platforms, as well as Concept 2 rowers, Origin spin bikes and Spirit elliptical trainers.

From the flooring to the equipment, we updated and upgraded this facility to give students a premium strength and conditioning space for years to come.

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