Choosing the Right Dumbbells for You

Whether a seasoned professional, gym user or simply just starting out, choosing the correct dumbbell for the type of workout you’re aiming for is as important as the trainers you wear. Looking through our own product range at Absolute Performance, we’ve written the below short guide in the decision making process and pass on some of the benefits of our Apex Hex Dumbbells, Apex Urethane Dumbbells and American Barbell Series 2 Dumbbells.

For the more economic gym user, the smart money goes to the Hex Dumbbell. Rubber coated ends reduce the chance of damage to the floor or surrounding items when released in a hurry. The tough rubber hexagonal ends prevent the dumbbell from rolling away during renegade rows or should you not have positioned them currently whilst resting, Apex Hex Dumbbells provide a stable platform for floor exercises such as Devils press and are our most economically priced dumbbell.

Our Apex Urethane Dumbbells have a more traditional circular-shaped weight end. Urethane by nature is a far more durable material than the rubber used in the Hex Dumbbell range and this is reflected in the cost. Unlike our hex dumbbells, the Apex Urethane Dumbbells can be custom branded to reflect your organisation’s identity. In short, the pros of the Urethane over the Rubber Hex are as follows:

  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Increased sunlight/UV resistance
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Greater appearance longevity
  • Potential for enhanced brand Identity

So, whether a home gym user, commercial gym or professional sports club we have a dumbbell to meet your needs.

Our Hex Dumbbells prove popular with home gym users, CrossFit gyms and some commercial gyms. They’re the ideal solution where budget is high on your importance and you require additional stability in certain exercise positions.

Apex Urethane Dumbbells provide the best middle ground solution combining the level of durability and appearance you’d expect from a premium Urethane product.

American Barbell Series 2 Dumbbells lead the market in quality and performance, designed specifically to hold up in high use gym environments, they are the go to choice of professional sports teams including England Rugby.

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