American Barbell Series 2 Dumbbells

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The Series 2 Dumbbell is a durable and versatile piece of gym equipment, made to withstand the rough training conditions. It features a high-strength, steel chrome-plated handle, and premium German urethane.

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The American Barbell Series 2 Dumbbells are a flagship product, and with more than 17 years of development, this 10th generation set of dumbbells lead the market in quality and performance. American Barbell looked at every detail when developing this US patented dumbbell.

The dumbbell head features black textured premium-grade German urethane bonded to a solid steel core; with easy-to-read numbers in grey. It is designed to hold up in high use gym environments and does not show the wear and tear that gloss and non-textured urethane dumbbells show, ensuring that your American Barbell Series 2 Dumbbells look as great as they perform over time. A larger radius on the outside and inside edges makes these dumbbells comfortable to use in any exercise, specifically when the dumbbell comes in contact with your body.

Add in the US made high-strength steel chrome-plated handle with great knurling that comfortably fits any hand, and you will know you are using the best dumbbell on the market today.

This dumbbell features American Barbell’s U.S. patented anti-loosening locking technology, making it the most durable and versatile on the market. With this technology, the dumbbell handle to head connection gets stronger the more it’s dropped.

Our premium German urethane is super tough and is bonded to the steel core; unlike the majority of dumbbells available today. Urethane will never dry rot and is odourless. This dumbbell is made to withstand the most severe training environments

Key features:
  • Black textured premium-grade German urethane
  • Patented anti-loosening, locking technology
  • Comfortable to use
  • High-strength, steel chrome-plated handle

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