So you’ve been a personal trainer for a while, you enjoy watching your clients reach their goals and become happier by doing so, you choose your hours and have quite a lot of control over the direction you want to take with the service you provide. Often though, it’s hard to not think of the next level, both on a professional level and a personal one, as a personal trainer this could take on many forms, such as educating yourself on nutrition, recovery and even gaining higher qualifications, however, one of the more exciting progressions (we think) is to consider opening up your own training space.


Yes, there is no denying that there are hundreds of factors to consider from insurance, business rates, client acquisition, and maintenance bills the list goes on. But focusing on what you need to achieve right now and how to move forward can make a huge difference in months to come.

Creating your own space would allow you to source the equipment that suits your programming and client needs. It means you can spend more time focusing on your client’s experience rather than worrying about when the next machine is going to be free, it will allow you to take back the control you desired when you first enrolled to become a personal trainer.


If you are training clients in an already established facility, the space itself may not be suitable for the way you like to train them, if you’re looking into class-based exercise, for example, you may find that where you currently use isn’t suited for large classes due to limited size and user flow, this would mean you may need a larger space.

If your speciality is 1-1 training then you may not need a large training area just a few intelligent pieces of equipment and enough space to provide a great session for your client, the beauty of opening up your own space is that it can be completely purpose-built around you and your training philosophy.

We have seen clients such as Martin Nugent take his athletic development training to the next level in a facility the size of a basketball court, and we have witnessed Personal Trainers Such as Scott McHale take his 1-1 training style into his own Studio. So you can see the whole idea of acquiring your own space is to make it perfect for what you and your clients need it for, instead of fitting yourself around a facility that has been designed and built with a different purpose in mind.


You may find that the equipment available in some facilities just doesn’t suit your programming style, an example could be trying to take your client through the fundamentals of compound exercises such as deadlifts and squats when the gym may not necessarily have the right bar or enough squat racks to do so. Opening up your own space puts you in control of what your clients use and how you can program for them.

So how do you know which equipment to choose? Well, it all comes down to your training philosophy and how you like to program for clients, if your focus is Weightlifting then you need a great bar, with a set of Olympic sized plates. But if you run strongman classes you may need to include a yoke and space to do Sled work in your space.

There isn’t a one size fits all approach, and it may not be as expensive as you think, with careful thought and planning you can stretch your budget without compromising on quality, whether that’s a squat rack that can transform into a functional training rig with a few added attachments or lifting blocks which can become plyometric boxes when you need them to be.

You can have a look on the best affordable yet quality gym equipment here.


Stepping into your own PT studio can separate you from the crowd and really add value to your service which your new and existing clients will love you for, It means they will be able to train In a space that they feel is perfect for them in a potentially private manner where they can concentrate on their results without the worry of other members.

Think of your studio as an extension of yourself and your services, every piece of equipment, and every bit of space can have an abundance of personality behind it which in turn will allow you to build a community around yourself and deliver your service in a truly personal way.


There are, of course, hundreds of factors to research and consider such as locations, insurance, and budget so really no one else can tell you that you’re ready to start this journey except yourself, some people go for it straight away, some people never do, and that’s okay as long as you’re happy.

We offer a no-commitment consultation gym services, tell us your ideas and what you’re planning and we can help you every step of the way.

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