How We Design Gyms at Absolute Performance

Creating a new gym or training space can be a daunting challenge, particularly if you’ve never purchased gym equipment of flooring before. Managing the space, user goals, budget, gym equipment, delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. No two gyms are ever quite the same, so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will often fall flat in achieving the intended end result. There are a hundred questions to ask, and a hundred more that you didn’t think of before you started the process!

That’s where Absolute Performance come in. Taking gyms and training facilities from concept to completion and beyond is what we do best. From start to finish, we advise, supply, install and support to create home gyms, fitness studios and athletic training facilities on time, on budget and on goal. With a complete project management service which takes your needs into full and careful consideration, there’s no gym design and installation project we can’t handle.


Some clients who approach us know exactly what they want. These particular gym installation customers tend to be fitness industry professionals. Commercial gym owners, athletic coaches and sports facility managers who’ve spent enough time (and money) around strength and conditioning areas to have developed their own preferences and knowledge.

No problem. If you know what you want, we’ll get it for you. We’re also not afraid to advise if there are better alternatives to your gym or equipment choices.



At the other end of the scale, we have clients who aren’t so experienced. These are often school facility managers or purchasing officers who’ve been burdened with the heavyweight task of sourcing gym equipment, rubber flooring and the numerous training accessories necessary to create a training facility. We’ve even been contacted by spouses who are looking to install a garage gym as a surprise anniversary present! These clients often use phrases like “I haven’t got a clue where to start!” and “Do you think we’ll need one of those?”.

Again, no problem. We’ve been guiding clients through the concept-to-creation process for over 15yrs, and love nothing more than to share our knowledge with customers. Honest, goal driven gym design is a partnership between client and installer, and our team share the weight from the start all the way to the finish line.




Every gym project is different; tell us about the people who will be using your facility, the type of training they love, your budget, your expectations and your long-term plans. Ask us questions, test our knowledge. It’s the way we start every project. If you’re happy to have us visit you, one of our expert team will arrange a consultation at your site. We like nothing more than to get to know our clients gym space and advise in person.



We’ll recommend the right equipment for you whether its heavy-duty, functional or kit that scientifically tests and measures performance. We’ll show you how the look and feel of your space and gym equipment could be made to really inspire users and unite teams. From our vast product range, we can select the gym equipment and gym flooring that suits your usage, goals, timeframe and budget. If we don’t stock it in our warehouse, we’ll get it for you. We can even advise on those extra pieces of gym equipment which can be customised with your own branding, or coloured flooring to give a unique edge to your fitness space.


Our designs incorporate every aspect of the space, making the very best use of the area. We’ll create the ideal place for users with individual and team goals to train side by side. The precise dimensions of your gym very important. It can be difficult to fully understand how gym equipment fills a space. Moving gym equipment such as barbells can accidentally damage your building, other equipment or even other users. Rigs and weight racks may fit the floorspace, but their height means that low ceilings won’t allow for proper use of pull-up bars. These are just a couple of goodness-knows-how-many problems that can be faced when designing a gym space, particularly in smaller home gyms or garage gyms.

Happily, we provide a full 3D design service to map out your gym area. You’ll get to experience the look and feel of your facility via a 3D walk-through that will bring your vision to life.


Our experienced installation team will be involved in your project from beginning to end, so they’ll know exactly what the end result is intended to be. Our team have installed hundreds of gyms in the UK and globally, from commercial gyms to home gyms, school gyms, athletic training facilities, garden gyms and boutique fitness studios. There’s not a corner of training space they can’t tackle. From laying the flooring to positioning the gym equipment, every aspect of your gym will be handled by professionals. We’ll also ensure that everything is in great working order so you’re ready to go.

Gym installer putting equipment into a commercial gym - one of the gym services from Absolute Performances


Our clients are part of the AP family and can always turn to us for advice on a particular training need, a piece of equipment, or the latest trends in strength and conditioning. You will get honest, expert, no-strings support that we are genuinely happy to give. If you like, we’ll even stay in touch from time to time to make sure everything’s working smoothly.



You’ve created your perfect gym. Now, reap the benefits of a tailored training space made specifically for you or your gym users. A unique gym complete with all the necessary space, flooring and equipment to hit fitness aspirations, membership targets or team performance goals. Your new gym will serve you and your users for years to come, bringing Absolute Performance and leaving a legacy of physical and mental improvement.


Now you know how we work, what’s stopping you? We can create packages to suit any space, budget, goal or style. Call or email our expert sales team to discuss your gym and take the first step toward a perfectly tailored training space …

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