Choosing the Right Rubber Gym Flooring

Choosing rubber gym flooring can be likened to deciding what suspension a car requires. The same key questions apply: “What do I intend to use my gym for?” and “Who is going to be using it?”.

Gym flooring is essentially a shock absorber for your building’s floor, taking the power from any impact and distributing the energy sideways in the surrounding floor tiles in turn preventing any damage to the main structure of your facility.

Absolute Performance supply and install rubber gym flooring solutions to suit any application.
Starting with our thinnest commercial offering we have the 15mm 1metre x 1metre tile. This product is available in a limited colour range and is normally found in studio and lightweight use areas. If you want a solution for a studio barbell or body pump area, the 15mm is your go-to if you’re on a tighter budget.

If you’re looking for flooring for a home gym we recommend using our 30mm 1metre x 1metre tile solution. This weight-laid rubber tile is fast to lay, can be trimmed neatly with a Stanley knife and provides a functional but attractive finish. The 30mm rubber crumb make-up ensures good acoustic properties and maintained neighbourhood relations from those late-night workouts at an economic price point.

The 30mm 1metre x 1metre tile is also accepted commercially, though most commercial applications look for additional rebound, aesthetic, and acoustic properties. For this, our 30/40mm dowel-locking solution is our product of choice. Available in several vibrant colours or with a simple coloured fleck we’re sure to have a finish fitting of your aesthetic requirements.

Our 30mm dowelled solution is a perfect tile for use where superior performance and aesthetic appearance are essential, but tight budgets don’t always reach the premium price point of the 40mm rubber gym tile solution. A supreme level of tensile strength and acoustic insulation ensure class-leading performance levels while the colour availability matches the 40mm 1metre x 1metre tile.

The 40mm dowelled rubber gym floor tile is ideal when looking to be able to lift heavy on any part of your flooring with a tensile strength of 0.7N/mm thanks to a reinforced webbing on the underside and an acoustic rating of 26DB, our 40mm is our top performing product and first choice for professional sports, education and leisure training facilities.

So whether you’re looking to provide a flooring solution for your gym at home or a first-class professional sports team Absolute Performance have a rubber gym flooring solution to meet your needs.

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