Unused gym memberships could be considered a perfect scenario for gym owners. With members paying every month but not using the facilities this leaves the training space empty and more usable for the consistent and more regular users.

However, as gym owners, it could be considered a responsibility to keep your members motivated with their training, which is not only beneficial to them and their goals, but also beneficial to your accounts as well.

It’s important to track the user levels of your gym and track the percentage of members, that aren’t using their membership as it’s only a matter of time before they decide to leave.

So if you are experiencing high levels of inactive members, it could be a big indicator that your facility isn’t giving them the excitement or inspiration they need to continue training, thankfully, however, there are countless ways to get them coming back more often.


Sometimes the design of your gym could be letting you down, this can result in certain choke points in your space and some equipment being overused whilst other equipment looks brand new. As much of a big task resetting your gym design may be, it can be an extremely cost-effective way of getting your members engaged again.


Sometimes it could be as easy as replacing certain bits of equipment that aren’t getting the attention they used to or even injecting new classes into the timetable. This will give members new experiences in their training and capture their attention again.


Functional training has taken a step forward in peoples training programs with exercises such as sled pushes, farmer’s walks and battle ropes finding their way into member’s routines, this is great as it allows people to be creative in their training and find exercises that they genuinely enjoy doing.

It’s also relatively easy and budget-friendly to accommodate, instead of filling an area with countless machines or cardio, try filling it with a functional training area with artificial turf for sleds and training rigs which offer multiple training stations in one, and then populate it with conditioning equipment such as, slam balls, medicine balls, battle ropes, and kettlebells.

Instead of members finding themselves confined to the same treadmill for months on end, they may find themselves engaging in strength building metabolism accelerating functional training, especially if you offer group, functional training classes.


When you build a community around your facility it becomes the new ‘pub’ where friends can hang out and continue to pay their membership for exposure to the community they feel a part of, this community creation could be as easy as adding a few sofas for members to socialize around after their workouts.
Coffee bars and juice bars are now becoming a more popular option for gyms around the world, as the public are now seeing their gym as their ‘third place’.


The market is full of gyms with the same equipment, colours, and feel, but it doesn’t have to be that way, with a wide range of equipment and upholstery colour options around there is no need for the bland corporate feeling kit which doesn’t excite those who use it. So stand out with a custom colour scheme and explore how you can leave your own mark on the equipment such as custom branded weight plates and plyometric boxes.

Whether you are a prospective or seasoned gym owner, when you take your members training into your own hands you will see a more engaged member base that will become loyal to you over time and continue to renew their membership for years to come.

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