Choosing a weights rig that racks a punch

Weight racks and rigs are often the central hub of any training facility or gym. Though relatively simple in nature, they’re extremely effective strength and conditioning tools due to their versatility and long-standing durability. A simple, well installed (and cared for) weight rack in a commercial gym or athletic facility could have thousands upon thousands of users in it’s lifetime without failing or breaking. Due to this long-term usage and seemingly endless versatility, weight rigs and racks are a solid investment for any gym owner.


But which one is right for you? Which one is right for your gym users? What are the differences? In this blog we’ll look at the various aspects and varieties of weight rigs and racks to look out for, their benefits and uses.

As specialists in strength & conditioning equipment, we’ve installed hundreds upon hundreds of weight racks and rigs in gyms and training facilities across the UK and globally. No two gyms are ever quite the same. This is because no two gym users or owners are the same. The beauty of weight rigs and racks is that (although they may have different accessories and add-ons) they all essentially work on the same basic principle: a strong, tall, dependable frame with adjustable, removable parts which can be as versatile as the user is.


There are many different types of gym where you’ll find weights rigs and racks. Commercial gyms, home gyms, athletic training facilities, military gyms, CrossFit boxes and school gyms. Every one of these has specific needs that a weights rig or rack needs to cater to.



Commercial gyms tend to require more long-term dependable weight racks, but also lean on the side of economy. Because their weight racks are used by many different users every day, they need to be as versatile as possible. This means a range of weight rack accessories such as j-hooks (a hook which clips into the upward strut of the weights rack, used to hold barbells at the desired height) and safety/spotter arms (flat, longer arm attachments which give a safe base for a barbell at either side) are necessary to accommodate the range of weight training styles in a commercial gym. For the same reason, weight rigs and racks in commercial gyms usually include pullup bars on the upper connecting cross-bar.


Unless the user can afford a considerable amount of space and money, home gyms are usually not as spacious as the others on this list. When home gym space is at a premium, smaller more compact weight racks and rigs are the go-to. In these cases, portable and foldable racks are the ideal choice. Our own Folding Wall Rack easily folds tidily back to the wall to save valuable floorspace. This allows home gym rooms or garage gyms to remain versatile for other uses. Some weight racks, though not foldable or portable, are more compact than others. If you’re still happy to give up a portion of your home gym floorspace to a weight rack, a quarter rack will happily provide to most of your weight training needs.

Todoroki Stadium at Tokyo Olympics - Absolute Performance gym equipment and installation


Weight racks used in educational facilities need to be safe and reliable. Not only do schools, universities and colleges need to ensure that their pupils and staff members are safe from harm when weight training, but there are often hefty insurance overheads to consider in educational organisations. We’ve supplied Werksan and Legend Fitness weight racks, as well as our own sturdy range of Apex rigs and folding wall racks to schools across the UK.


Whatever your end goal, we have a weight rack solution. Whether power is your first thought or you need to go more economical. Whether your need safety first or you need multiple accessories to accompany your weight training setup, we’ve got your solution. We’d love to discuss your gym installation needs and offer our knowledge, so give our friendly team of experts a call.

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