Everyone Loves a Murph Hero WOD, Right Guys?

Everyone loves a Murph hero WOD, right guys? …… guys?!

As the CrossFit Games open moves into the quarter final stages with the worlds fittest Athletes having pitted themselves against the armchair hero’s (I like to include myself in this descriptive) we took some time out of our day to review one of CrossFit’s go to equipment pieces the Weighted or Tactical vest.

As if completing a hero WOD isn’t challenging enough completing said WOD in a weighted or Tactical Vest is a simple but highly effective way of turning many a workout into an absolute killer. As anyone that has carried more weight than they care to admit will confirm just a few additional pounds increases load on joints, muscle fatigue and additionally labored breathing. Weighted vests provide a well distributed additional load to the wearer simulating the effects of additional body weight creating additional resistance to the activity being carried out in much the same way as increasing damper setting on piece of CV equipment thus in turn increasing the level of exertion required.

Traditionally tactical vests are military Flak jackets plate loaded both front and back with torso sized steel plates in place of the original Kevlar armor plate. The Apex Weight Vest from Absolute performance provides additional flexibility than that afforded by a traditional vest. Individual pockets each capable of holding one of our 1.5 KG Iron Bars allow the wearer to gradually increase weight levels according to conditioning or required workout load. The Apex Weight Vest can be supplied un-weighted, as a 9K, 18 or 24KG item additional Iron bars can be supplied individually or in 9kg packs allowing each vest to increase to a total weight of 45KG for those really looking for a spicy challenge.

Grab your vest and give Murph a go!

What is the Murph workout?

The CrossFit Hero WOD “Murph” is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who gave his life in battle for his brothers in arms and for his Country, in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.   Lt Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour after his death.

The WOD we now recognize as “Murph” was one of Murphy’s favourites and he originally named it ‘Body Armor.’ It first appeared on the CrossFit.com site 18 August 2005.

The workout: A one mile run, followed by 100 pullups, 200 push-ups, and 300 unweighted squats, followed by another one-mile run. In its most elite form, athletes complete it while wearing a 20-pound weight vest, and they must do each set of calisthenics consecutively, all 100 pullups first, then the push-ups, and so on.

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