Collaboration with Hawkin Dynamics

Iso Pull Rig with Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates

Absolute Performance, the Cardiff based gym design and installation business, has announced a new collaboration with US movement solutions specialist Hawkin Dynamics.

Hawkin Dynamics is world-renowned for its range of athlete testing products that make the most of technology. Products such as force plates are used for the measurement of ground reaction forces for example power, displacement and asymmetry during movements such as jumping, the latest wireless force plates enable the user to see accurate data output on a paired mobile device.

The collaboration between the two companies sees Hawkin Dynamics select Absolute Performance’s Isometric Pull Rig with Back Squat Extension as their preferred product for European distribution.

The Iso Pull Rig has been through several stages of advancement with development input from leading universities and Premier League football clubs. When combined with the force plates, the rig allows athletes to develop strength and power and be able to test and show development progress. At 65kg the rig is relatively lightweight, easily transportable and simple to pack away when athlete testing is completed. A recent improvement to the rig is the introduction of a Belt Squat attachment.

Hawkin Dynamics have chosen to take advantage of Absolute Performance’s European distribution network as it continues to expand product availability beyond its traditional US home market. For Absolute Performance the collaboration further demonstrates their strategy of only aligning with top-tier manufacturers that share the same values of quality and performance.

Alistair Rosier, Head of Sales and Marketing at Absolute Performance commented;

The collaboration with Hawkin Dynamics is a great demonstration of the growing appreciation there is for Absolute Performance in the strength and conditioning industry. It allows both businesses to benefit from knowledge sharing and product development which will ultimately mean we bring even better products to our customers.

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