Sharing the Weight with Ukraine

At Absolute Performance, we believe that teamwork wins. Hands down. Every time.

It doesn’t just apply to our working day, either. When we see somebody in need, we help. We give a leg-up. We bring them to their feet. We share the weight.

That’s why, when we observed the shocking crisis in Ukraine, we had to do something.

There was an initial team huddle with suggestions like donations, bake sales and raffles. In the end, we decided to do what we do best; move heavy stuff. Lots of it. We would make use of our own Absolute Performance gym installation and delivery vans and transport goods donated to the Ukraine appeal. Whenever we could spare a van and a driver for the cause, we would.

We were devastated to see the situation in Ukraine and wanted to do all we could as a company to support the efforts in getting relief and aid to those who most need it

– Siân Buchanan, Director

We started to help with the Ukrainian appeal in early March. Within (literally) 20 minutes of posting the offer to our various social media channels, we heard back from local groups who were collecting enormous piles of emergency goods. Thanks to the overwhelming charity of the South Wales region, huge amounts of clothing, toiletries, bedding, medicine and day-to-day essentials were being deposited at drop-off points. These needed to be transported to logistics centres and rail stations for mass transport on to their destination of care centres and camps in Ukraine.

After all, our team are no strangers to shifting heavy goods. Our reinforced vans transport tons of gym equipment, gym flooring and tools for installations every day. Since we started creating gyms over 15 years ago, the combined mileage on our installation vans shows that we’ve travelled the circumference of the earth over five times. Throughout those long miles, our team have designed, supplied, delivered and installed literally hundreds of gyms and training facilities (not to mention the thousands of home gym customers).


The first pickup unexpectedly came at short notice on a Wednesday night. Eager to help, our Operations Team jumped in the largest of our gym installation vans, loading and transporting an enormous vanload of emergency goods to a drop-off point in Newport, South Wales for transportation to a logistics centre in Croydon.

Since then we’ve loaded, unloaded, carried, stored, piled and driven literally tons of Ukrainian appeal goods to help with the worthy cause. More than 16 vanloads of emergency goods have been transported from several collection points in the Cardiff and South Wales region.


More goods bound for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters were transported from a collection point at Apollo Gym in Llanedeyrn to South Wales Fire Service in Abercynon. More than 20 fire vehicles filled with emergency goods were donated to the Ukrainian Fire Service by the UK Fire Service, and we are immensely proud to have shared the weight in this team effort. Once again, teamwork wins.

It comes down to our team. When the crisis in Ukraine began, it fell directly within our company values to assist. In the same way we help one another during the working day, it is essential to personal and team performance to ‘have each other’s backs’ and assist those in need, even if that means helping complete strangers. Our world is a team, and teammates don’t let each other suffer.


Absolute Performance has encouraged staff who feel strongly about the cause in Ukraine to help in whatever capacity they can and has made time for staff to get involved during working hours to help with the cause.

– Harry Tafota Nash, Head of Operations

We bring this spirit to everything Absolute Performance does. When you work with us, we become part of your extended team. Advice, assistance and one-to-one consultation mean we provide a truly valuable and bespoke service, whether you’re creating a world-class training facility or simply installing a garage gym at home.


See what our winning formula of teamwork can do for you …
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