Absolute Performance is proud to announce a new partnership with Pegasus85.

Pegasus85 is a group of performance coaches with the desire and appetite to develop the next generation of coaching in the Strength and Conditioning arena. Bringing together more than 110 years of combine expertise across multiple performance domains and skillsets, Absolute Performance is proud to be partnering with this exciting group to help drive the development of tomorrows coaches.

Simon Britton, Sales and Marketing Director for Absolute Performance had this to say, “Creating partnerships is important for us here at Absolute Performance, it’s in our DNA having worked with the best of the best to provide state of the art, elite-level training facilities. So joining up with Chris Tombs and Pegasus85 to help shape the coaches of tomorrow is a natural and exciting fit for us.”

Their core goal is to help create memorable and authentic learning experiences for coaches to help them deliver for their clients.

Chris Tombs from Pegasus85 commented, “For a long time elements of the Strength, Conditioning and Fitness industry have been stale when it comes to learning events, our aim is to change that and truly inspire coaches to help them deliver results. That’s why partnering with a company of Absolute Performance’s calibre is key for us, having seen the work they have done, the clients who put their trust in them and knowing their overall quality, it’s a partnership we are excited to announce.”

Pegasus85 are looking to hold their first event in September and we can’t wait to support them all the way

For more information, follow them on their Twitter account.

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