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Bryanston School

A new high performance centre

Sport is key to life at Bryanston and to support its Performance Sports Programme, the school needed to refresh and extend its facilities and strength equipment to a standard that would not only stand up to the rigours of school use but would also rival elite training centres.

A fully equipped strength and conditioning hub

We were brought in at an early stage in the design of the school’s brand new high-performance centre. As strength and conditioning specialists, we quickly understood the type of strength equipment needed to get the very best out of pupils and other users, as well as creating a fully flowing gym design to allow pupils to make full use of the space.

The result was a bespoke facility fitted out with Bryanston-branded strength equipment from Legend Fitness – a company with a proven track record in the US collegiate system.

  1. Werksan plates – Branded with the school crest.

  2. Gym design – A gym design which allowed flow of space for students.

  3. Strength Equipment – Three pro-series full racks in blue and gold, Leg press and benches.

Gym image
Bryanston School gym

Reinforcing professionalism and team spirit

Bryanston’s carefully conceived facility is helping the school take its Performance Sports Programme to the next level. Having the right strength equipment in place, and the school’s identity on every weight builds on the togetherness that successful sports performance demands.

The kit had an immediate effect on not only the pupils using it, but also everyone entering the new S&C area. Over time it will inspire both Bryanston pupils and elite sportspeople across the country.

Alex Fermor-Dunman , Director of Sport Bryanston School

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