APEX 7ft Olympic Technique Bar

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The perfect bar option for improving form, posture, power and safety in barbell lifting

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Correct lifting form is essential in improving your barbell workout and reaping the full benefits of barbell training. The APEX 7ft Olympic Technique Bar is your ideal training partner in aiding form, posture, power and safety in barbell lifting.

Sturdily constructed from lightweight, yet robust, aluminium, the APEX 7ft Olympic Technique Bar gives you less weight than a regular Olympic barbell at 5kg, but exactly the same structure and form. This allows you to focus fully on the powerful but highly practised skill of barbell lifting without worrying about injury or maxing out on your strength. This barbell is designed to improve your technique first and your strength second.
With a comfortable but aggressively knurled handle design, you can concentrate on your lift without worrying about loss of grip. To increase weight and resistance, this bar can be used with any 2-inch Olympic plates up to a weight of 25kg, giving you even more versatility to your barbell technique workout. Check out our Olympic weight training plates ranges for options.

A great deal of fitness equipment such as weight rigs, weight cages and squat racks are only designed to accommodate 7ft barbells, which means this longer length of bar gives you full versatility with other weight training equipment
Develop your lifting technique and you’ll be able to move on to heavier, more challenging and more beneficial barbell training. Deadlifts, power cleans, overhead presses and of course bench presses are just a few of the hugely versatile and beneficial barbell exercises.

Barbell training improves strength, endurance and overall functional fitness to help you hit your fitness goals. Increased muscle mass, fat loss, improved posture, physical confidence and agility are just some of the immediate benefits of correctly practised barbell training.

key features
  • Weighs only 5kg
  • Holds Olympic plates that weigh up to 25kg
  • Can be used with any 2In Olympic plates
  • Made with lightweight but robust aluminium




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