Strength and Conditioning Education Partnership Launched with Athlete Academy

Absolute Performance, a leading provider of gym design, installation and strength and conditioning equipment and Athlete Academy, a highly respected name in the fitness and performance education space, have announced a partnership to offer a range of strength and conditioning diplomas and professional study programmes.

The Diploma for S&C Trainers is delivered under license from the UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), which is a testament to the quality and rigour of the course.

Ed Archer, Programme Director at Athlete Academy, will lead the partnership’s programme of Level 3 Diploma and workshop courses. With a 25-year career in strength and conditioning and fitness education, Ed brings a wealth of experience to the partnership including time as a director of the UKSCA as well as work with Gloucester Rugby, Formula 1, professional ballet and international polo.

The programme of strength and conditioning diplomas and courses aims to develop a greater understanding of strength and conditioning and the important role it can play in health and wellbeing across the population. The courses are designed for those in coaching or rehabilitation roles, including professionals delivering sport and wellbeing education in schools.

Courses range from single-day workshops and introductory programmes to in-depth, 26-week Diplomas. Students can choose to enrol directly with Athlete Academy or through Absolute Performance, who are offering the courses to its customers at reduced rates.

“We are thrilled to partner with Athlete Academy to offer this range of accredited courses,” said Gary Oleinik, Sales and Marketing Director of Absolute Performance. “We believe that access to quality education is essential for professionals working in the fitness, education, rehabilitation and sports performance space, and we are proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through this partnership.”

Ed Archer added: “Quality and integrity in facility design and the supply of equipment is key to creating positive environments for health and fitness exploration and achievement. We have crossed paths many times with Absolute Performance and their facilities over the past 15 years and have always been impressed with the quality of their products, the kindness and commitment of their team and their aspiration to do the right thing for their customers, regardless of the size of the project. We are very excited about joining forces with the AP team to provide a new and ambitious standard of fitness education.”

For more information on the courses offered through the partnership, contact Absolute Performance on 02920 362 664 or

Pictured – Ed Archer, Athlete Academy

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