DC Blocks® Double Wide

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DC Blocks® Double Wide Weightlifting Block is a super durable lifting block with extra landing space – fits easily onto two standard DC Blocks®

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The DC Blocks® Double-Wide weightlifting block has a larger pulling surface and larger portable surface upon which to perform overhead lifts. The DC Blocks® Double-Wide weightlifting block fits on top of two Original, crenellated DC Blocks® placed side-by-side. This is an inexpensive way to have your large pulling surface or your portable jerk boxes!

Key Features
  • Made from durable, recycled plastics
  • Stackable with other standard size DC Blocks®
  • Dimensions:  48 x 79 x 5cm
  • Weight: 10.5kg

The DC Blocks® design is a virtually indestructible weightlifting block for training and medical facilities. Because of the impact resistance, you can drop iron and stones upon them without the risk of breakage to the DC Blocks®.

The stackable, interlocking DC Blocks® allow you to adjust your set to fit your specific height and workout. The stiff construction and crenellated tops are designed for superior impact resistance and security.

DC Blocks® strives to reduce our carbon footprint by using 100% recycled plastics to manufacture our products, some of which have been previously deemed “unrecyclable” materials. Our products have a lifetime warranty and should never end up in your trash, landfills, or ocean.

DC Blocks® are modular, lightweight, and virtually indestructible training blocks to enhance strength and power in all active populations. DC Blocks® patented products are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics. We are the official UK and European distributors.

CAUTION: Although DC Blocks® is a textured non-slip product upon which to stand and jump, and a stack of DC Blocks® are stable on rubber or carpeted flooring, DC Blocks will slide on a bare concrete, tile, or plywood surface.

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