Apex Weight Vest

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Super sturdy weight vest suitable for up to 45kg of added weight bars. Weights are not built into the vest, meaning you can customise the weight of your vest to match the intensity of your workouts.

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Customise your workouts with our APEX Weight Vest – intensify floor exercises such as push ups, sit ups or planking or, increase your stamina with machine work by wearing this weighted vert, increasing your body weight, helping to improve core, upper body and lower body strength. These vests are perfect for everyday use during boring chores if you’re short for time, or for a more professional setting.

Weights are not built into the vest, so you can choose how much weight you add – whether that’s the minimum (1.5kg) or the max (45kg), allowing you to customise your workouts in a way that suits you.

Some benefits from the APEX Weight Vest might include improved strength and endurance, greater resistance, improved posture and a variable workout intensity – all of which will aid you in achieving your end goals whether it be toning up or losing weight.

Holds thirty 1.5kg iron bars (sold separately)

Key Features
  • Bars sold separately
  • Each vest can hold up to 30 1.5kg iron bars (45kg total)
  • one size fits all unisex design
  • fully adjustable

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