Absolute Performance join with Chris Tombs to deliver professional training at AP HQ

28 Oct 2020 – written by Absolute Performance

VBT course using the Push Band system

Absolute Performance has joined forces with renowned strength and conditioning coach Chris Tombs, to deliver a 1-day VBT course at the newly completed Absolute Performance HQ.

The course, whilst being set up to allow for social distancing and other government guidelines during the current COVID-19 times, the course will take participants through the Dr Dan Baker VBT course using the Push Band system. Following on from being successfully run in Portsmouth, we are bringing the course to Cardiff with an exclusive code to get a discount VBTCHRIS14

The event will be run on Saturday 14th of November from 9.30 am to 5 pm, covering topics such as: -

  1. How is velocity measured during resistance training
  2. Best velocity measures for strength/power exercises
  3. Why measure velocity
  4. Normative velocity scores for strength/power exercises
  5. Velocity + fatigue data
  6. And more

If you want to book on, simply click here and grab your place

Chris Tombs