Sportsmith Elite Sport Gathering is a Big Success

Held at Leeds Beckett University, this year’s Sportsmith Speed Conference saw us joined by many of the UK’s elite coaches and sporting bodies. The event was a great opportunity to share ideas and learnings through a series of lectures and presentations delivered by 14 globally renowned speakers.

The two-day event included practicals and short talks. Speakers included experts such as Oliver Morgan from Premier League soccer team Leicester City FC, Pete Burridge of Bristol Bears Rugby and Ryan Grubbs an expert in biomechanics from NFL side Houston Texans.

The Role of Strength and Conditioning Equipment in Elite Sport

Strength and conditioning play an important role in the development of athletic performance. At the elite level, marginal gains can be the difference between podiums or disappointment. A great S&C training plan and the right equipment are pivotal to success. It isn’t just marquee professional sports such as football and rugby that can benefit, or combat sports where strength is a key attribute. The benefits can be just as notable in non-contact sports such as golf where poise and precision are vitally important.

Tony Buchanan, owner and director at Absolute Performance, said,

Sportsmith’s Speed Conference was a great opportunity to maintain our connections with some superb coaches at some of the country’s best-known elite sports organisations. Our history is packed with projects for those at the absolute pinnacle of their sport such as TeamGB and Newcastle United so it is great that we continue to support the best”.

Gym Design and Installations For Professional Sports Clubs and Organisations

We work closely with professional coaches and performance directors. We design and create fitness facilities to help players and athletes reach their peak performance and bring their A-Game. No two gyms are the same. With a bespoke gym design solution, pro-sport organisations, players and athletes can benefit from improved performance.

Performance is crucial for elite players and athletes. We only specify top-tier equipment from some of the world’s best-known manufacturers such as Legend, Werksan and DC Blocks. We are constantly looking to raise standards in our design, delivery and installations. By working together we enable our clients to exceed their goals. Much of the equipment we specify is fully customisable. Team branding and logos can be added to give those using the gym space, and those coaching in it, a sense of pride and belonging.

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