Werksan Lionfit Bar 6ft (15kg)

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A supreme quality IWF accredited training bar made to professional standards

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The Werksan Lionfit Bar is one of a kind, manufactured from a specially formulated chrome plated tungsten Swedish steel tested at 195,000 PSI while maintaining an everlasting spin. Lionfit bars encapsulate 8 bearings and 4 bushings, which are strategically distributed throughout each barbell. Silicone gel is also preserved within the bar to sustain unmatched longevity.
The knurled handles of the Werksan LionFit Bar give the user a better grip during workouts, preventing slippage, which makes workouts safer. The bar also has precision needle bearings, an internal lift and a dust tight seal, which ensures the weight moves nice and smoothly under higher speeds.

IWF Accredited

Key Features
  • Bar Length 1828mm
  • Bar Weight 15kg
  • Tensile Strength 195k PSI
  • Bearings 8 (4 per sleeve)
  • Bushings 4 (2 per sleeve)
  • IWF knurl markings
  • Knurl 1.2mm
  • Shaft Diameter 28mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length 415mm
  • Sleeve Diameter 50mm Olympic size


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