Origin Urethane Plates with Handles

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Versatile weight plates in a variety of weights from manufacturer Origin.

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Try our highly durable Origin Urethane Plates with Handles to add optimisation to your overall gym performance. The plates are made with sleek black urethane materials that are designed to improve grip, durability and sweat management, and decrease any chance of damage to equipment and flooring.  

These Origin Urethane Plates with Handles are easy to handle and simple to manoeuvre, making them easy to store for when you have finished using them. The handles are designed specifically to make the handling of the product easy for everyone. The sleek materials used to make these plates comfortable when handling meaning there is no discomfort during or after using them for exercising.  

The plates are hardwearing and built to last, making the product more efficient in the long run. The plates are made for Olympic bars, and fit with ease and stability. This product is ideal for weight or strength training, as it allows you to conduct an array of exercises to produce a strong and conditioned workout.   

Key Features 
  • Hardwearing durable black urethane, that does not damage your floor 
  • Heavy-duty material designed prevent damage to equipment  
  • Easy to grip and comfortable for you to use 
  • All weights fit to Olympic sized bars 
  • Long lasting and enduring  
  • A variety of weight options to suit your performance starting from 5kg to 25kg  

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