Olympic Spring Barbell Collars

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Practical and cost-effective steel spring barbell collars to hold your weight plates in place during barbell training

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Our premium quality, no-fuss Olympic spring bar collars do exactly what you expect them to and are built to last. Featuring a practical right-angle design to avoid dragging of the collar grip handle on your gym floor when using smaller plate diameters, these barbell collars are compatible with all Olympic-sized barbell gauges.

Sold in pairs, these spring barbell collars are simple and easy to use. Simply grip the end of the collar, slide the collar onto the barbell end to secure your weight plates, let go to secure and you are ready to lift. This ensures a sturdy and secure hold of the loaded weight plates during weight training.

Constructed from anti-corrosion spring steel, these barbell collars are engineered to be durable enough to secure very heavy weights on an Olympic size bar. Ideal for use in all types of gyms including home gyms, commercial gyms, and elite team sports training facilities. These spring barbell collars are a staple of gyms all over the world and are used by our clients in the British Armed Forces as a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for their weight training facilities.

These Olympic-sized spring steel barbell collars are hugely versatile and compatible with all 2” diameter Olympic bars. The collars are compatible with: Olympic 5ft barbells, 6ft, and 7ft barbells, Olympic EZ curl barbells, Olympic tricep bars, Olympic safety squat barbells, Olympic hex/trap/shrug barbells. Perfect for use in most types of weight plate training using strength machines or barbell lifting such as functional training, CrossFit training, weightlifting, and strength & conditioning.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Right-angle design to avoid handle dragging on gym flooring
  • Extremely durable and cost-effective
  • Anti-corrosion spring steel
  • Practical, fast plate changing
  • Fits Olympic size barbell gauges(Explore our full range of Olympic sized barbells for options)