Legend Pro Full Rack – 8.5ft

The Legend Pro Full Rack is an extremely flexible piece of gym equipment, which is built with stability and longevity in mind.

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Made to order in Tennessee USA, and brought to the UK by Absolute Performance, the Legend Pro Full Rack offers ultimate in rigidity and scalability with hundreds of colour combinations to choose from, and with a complete list of different upgrades and accessories available your full rack can expand and adjust as your training program evolves.
With a 15-year structural warranty, each Legend Fitness rack is built with stability and longevity in mind which has resulted in fully welded sides for ultimate in rigidity and is the reason, universities, colleges, professional teams, and home gym owners choose Legend Fitness.

This extremely flexible piece of gym equipment allows you to do a range of exercises, use the pull up bar to target the upper body muscles, use the squat rack to target your leg and core muscles. The Legend Pro Full Rack has upper and lower pegs, meaning you can incorporate band exercises into your routine, these pegs slide, meaning they can be placed inside or outside the cage, for a more versatile routine.

Ex-demo piece in good condition, may show signs of wear and tear.

key features
  • 3 x 3in 11-gauge steel tubing
  • 7-gauge chrome racking system
  • Replaceable ultra-high molecular weight wear guards
  • Sliding resistance and assistance pegs

NB. Weight plates, bars, bands, bench and grip attachments are not included

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