EZ Curl Bar Cable Attachment

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An ergonomically curved steel cable attachment for targeting the biceps and other upper body muscles

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An essential part of any cable resistance training workout for those who want to target the upper body. This medium-length, durable, and ergonomically curved steel cable attachment bar allows you to target specific muscles due to its unique shape and grip placement.

Ideal for targeting biceps during curls, but also handy for down-pulls on lats, push-downs on triceps and back muscles during close pull-downs. Get creative and this durable steel cable bar attachment is as versatile as any other cable pull attachment in your gym accessories arsenal in targeting upper body muscle groups. This cable bar is compatible with almost any cable machine with a regular carabiner clip or hook attachment.

The curved shape of this bar optimises the angle at which your grip interacts with your forearm, upper arms, and shoulders, activating key muscles through the resistance training movement. A rotating centre ring allows smooth movement during use. The knurled grip at key placements along the durable steel cable bar gives maximum hold to improve safety and control during your cable bar workout. Two solid black rubber ends improve safety and reduce the risk of injury to the user or damage to other equipment and flooring in the gym space.

Made from high-grade steel and finished with an anti-corrosion coating, this cable attachment bar is built to stand up to repeated, regular, and heavy gym usage. Its premium steel casting and superior design ensure it will stand up to your cable resistance training for years to come.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly durable
  • Knurled grip
  • Rubber ended
  • Rotating center cable attachment ring
  • Uniquely curved to target key muscles
  • Works with all cable attachment machines for resistance training
  • Ideal for commercial gyms, home gyms, or elite sports training
  • Practical 750mm length

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