BOSU Ball with Resistance Grips

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A reliable and hugely versatile inflatable balance dome with rubber resistance bands and grips. Ideal for a variety of core strength and balance exercises.

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Our BOSU Ball with Resistance Grips is created with functionality and versatility in mind and can be used both ways up. Use ball-up to give yourself a comfortable inflated dome on which to perform balancing and floor exercises, and ball down to give yourself a shifting balance platform. This hugely versatile piece of home or commercial kit is slick, clean, and easily stored. An ideal gym accessory for recovery, core strength, and functional training.


Couple the BOSU Ball with your weight training program by adding handheld weights such as medicine balls and dumbbells when performing balancing exercises. This increases shifting weight and targets more muscles through eccentric movement, helping to build strength faster and prevent future injury. Perform squats, lunges, or other leg exercises while balancing to force the engagement of more muscles and help improve strength. The rubber resistance band cords feature comfortable and safe foam handles which can be used to further increase intensity.


Finished in a slick black (which goes with everything), this Bosu ball offers a durable but comfortable half-ball section with textured contours for stability, grip, and sweat management. The surface is, clean, hygienic, and easily wipeable. This inflated section sits on a stable and rugged PU platform with 6 stability feet to keep the BOSU ball firmly in place when used ball side up.


Flip the BOSU ball over to reveal a stability and core work platform which, when balanced on, gives eccentric weight and muscular movement. This heavy-duty platform base is accompanied by 2 durable medium-resistance black rubber power cords for pulls, shrugs, presses, and stability work. These cords feature comfortable, reliable, and easily-gripped foam handles for ease of use and versatility.

To get training straight away, the BOSU Ball with Resistance Grips pack includes two cords with handles and attaching carabiner clips, plus a pump to allow you to add pressure and stability if required. The more inflated the dome, the more movement you’ll get when ball-down. To increase stability, simply let some air out from the handy release valve and you’re ready to train.


– BOSU Ball with attached platform
– x2 rubber resistance cords with attached handles
– x2 carabiner clips for easy attachment of resistance cords
– A handy pump for adjusting the inflation of your BOSU ball

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