APEX Swiss bar

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A versatile multi-grip barbell for more precise muscle group targeting. Recommended by professionals, this popular piece of equipment is not only perfect for workouts – but also aids in rehabilitation.

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The APEX Swiss bar is perfect for a varied and safe barbell workout. The multiple grips and durable construction mean this barbell will serve as a fantastic workout tool for many years. The bar is designed to target different specific muscle groups, and offers precise outcomes for a range of different exercises. The bar comes with a variety of grips to get the best out of an upper body workout, whilst being in a comfortable and natural position.

A very popular and consistently used piece of gym equipment that is recommended by professionals due to its easy-to-use function and guaranteed results. It is also known for its rehabilitation as it is safe to use compared to similar barbells.

The Swiss bar was originally designed to allow athletes to bench press in more neutral position. It has been known to benefit athletes such as professional rowers, American footballers and rugby players, as it helps by not aggravating the shoulders and still getting the same results. The Swiss bar allows facility for athletes, gym goers, and also beginners to get a more varied and valuable outcome to their workout. Perfect for anyone who is wary of using Barbells and heavy weights.

Key Features
  • Multi-grip options mean you can choose different positions for upper body workouts
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Laser cut APEX branding
  • Durable black coating
  • 211cm length
  • Olympic size sleeves
  • 6 easy grip handles


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