20″ Curl Bar Cable Attachment

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A 20inch steel cable attachment curl bar with rotating centre attachment loop and rubber grip ends

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This straight steel cable attachment is an essential addition to any cable machine accessories set.

A 20inch hardened steel bar with a smoothly rotating centre attachment loop and high-grade rubber end grips. This cable machine attachment allows you to target key muscle groups with its medium length size and grip placement. Ideal for bicep curls, close hand pulldowns and rowing exercises, the high-gauge connecting centre loop is compatible with almost any cable machine using a standard carabiner clip system.

The two black rubber grips are impregnated directly to the steel bar, preventing slippage or movement during your cable machine workout. These grips double as safety ends, protecting both you and the rest of your gym equipment during resistance training.


  • Durable hardened steel build
  • Practical 20inch length cable bar
  • Rubberised grips for extra control and safety
  • Smooth rotating centre cable attachment loop
  • Rubber safety ends
  • Corrosion-resistant chrome coating


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