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It seems like a new gym is opening its doors every day, which of course is great for the consumer and great for getting the population active. Unfortunately, as potential and existing gym owners, it may seem like a daunting task to succeed in a competitive market, however, there is a lot you can do to stand out and it starts way before the gym opening.

Among other things, it’s the gym design and feel, which creates a membership base rich in referrals and overflowing with strong membership retention. A Design which invites its users to flow through the entire space and become inspired by the equipment they find there will drive users to reach their goals and become more creative in their training, which in turn keeps gym sessions interesting and progressive.

Our Services

We offer a full gym design service with most of our bespoke quotations, this allows you to see your space before its created, allowing you to make sensible investment decisions based on your needs as a gym owner or manager.

  1. Full 3D Gym Plan – We provide a 3D representation of your space allowing you to see the full effects of the equipment before its installed.

  2. Elite Sports Facility Gym Design – We have worked with clients such as Team GB and Munster Rugby and advised them on the best use of their training space.

  3. School Gym Design – Many School Gyms need to be both a training space and a teaching space, we can work with you to ensure your students will get the most out of the space.

St Georges School Gym
St Georges School Gym Design

We have designed hundreds of gyms for clients however big or small, from elite training facilities such as Munster Rugby, to small home gym garages which means every gym we design has over 10 years of experience behind it, giving you the best chance to create the most effective, dynamic and motivating training space first time.

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