The absolute facility. Designed. Installed.

We work closely with clients every step of the way. It’s a process that sees ideas come together and spaces transform.

Phase 1


Every project is different; tell us about the people who will be using your facility, the type of training they love, your budget, your expectations, and your long-term plans.

Phase 2


We’ll recommend the right strength equipment for you, from heavy-duty to functional, to the kit that scientifically tests and measures performance.

Phase 3

Gym Design

Our gym design process incorporates every aspect of the space, making the very best use of the area. We’ll create the ideal place for users with individual and team goals to train side by side.

Phase 4


Our installation team will be involved in your project from the beginning and will skillfully handle all aspects from laying the floor, to positioning the equipment.

Phase 5


Our clients are part of the AP family and can always turn to us for advice on a particular training need, a piece of equipment, or the latest trends in strength and conditioning.

Our projects

Educational Facilities ST Georges Weybridge
Professional Sports England Rugby
Independent Gyms Underground Training Station