Financing Options

We’re committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes, afford the gym equipment that they want and need to help them achieve their goals. This is why we have teamed up with Approved Business Finance to give you business financing options to suit your budgets

FAQs About Business Finance

Asset Finance is an effective and hugely beneficial way to access equipment that your business needs to flourish.

Business owners are often surprised by the broad variety of equipment obtainable on lease finance. Catering equipment in restaurants and hotels is often on a finance lease, as well as assets like high-spec plant machinery. Office fixtures and furniture, printing equipment, large coffee machines, commercial vehicles — it’s almost limitless what lenders will offer leasing finance on.

Immediate access to the equipment your business needs. Get the equipment quicker and even purchase a higher standard of equipment you might otherwise not be able to afford if purchased outright.

Manage your cash flow effectively. Knowing exactly what is going in and out of your business thanks to manageable monthly repayments, which can be essential for future growth.

Lenders for every requirement. Lenders can favour certain assets, however, Approved have 70+ lenders on their panel so you can be assured that your needs will be catered to by a specialist lender. Repairs and maintenance costs included. Due to the flexibility of this finance product, you can include any cost associated with running the equipment. This can be agreed at the point of purchase.

Free up more finance options. With lease agreements being tied to the asset itself, your business can still benefit from a commercial loan. Easy Upgrades Available. You can choose to return to Absolute Performance, and upgrade to a newer version or model of that piece of kit.

Tax Benefits. Leasing equipment means you don’t own it and therefore, it isn’t included on your balance sheet. New Starts, Growing or Established businesses can all benefit. Asset Finance is an efficient way for new start businesses to acquire the equipment they need. Equally, growing or established businesses will want to preserve working capital and would prefer the manageable monthly repayments

For Business Loans, we work with Approved Business Finance to offer finance to Limited Companies only.

 Be at least 18 years of age

 Have been a UK resident for three years or more

 Be able to make repayments by direct debit

 All businesses considered, including start-ups

 All assets considered

Commercial loans have a minimum order value of £5,000

The typical payment terms are up to 5 years.

Typically, you will need filed accounts and forecasts. Your credit profile doesn’t need to be perfect but is advantageous.

Obtain a quote from Absolute Performance for your required equipment.

  The team will then put you in contact with Approved Business Finance to assess your options.

  The application is done over the phone in approximately 10 minutes.

  Once approved, the paperwork is emailed through for signature.

Once signed, Approved Business Finance will contact Absolute Performance to confirm the order and the equipment will be immediately released to you (pending availability).

Approved Business Finance has a very high acceptance rate, and credit approvals are typically confirmed in as little as a few hours.

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