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Made to order in Tennessee USA, and bought to the UK by Absolute Performance, Legend Fitness Racks offer ultimate in rigidity and scalability with hundreds of colour combinations to choose from, and with a complete list of different upgrades and accessories available your Legend Fitness rack can expand and adjust as your training program evolves.

With a 15-year structural warranty, each Legend Fitness rack is built with stability and longevity in mind which has resulted in fully welded sides for ultimate in rigidity and is the reason, universities, colleges, professional teams, and home gym owners choose Legend Fitness.


  • Length 2,021 mm
  • Width 1,748 mm
  • Height 2,637 mm
  • Rear Height 2,250 mm
  • Inside Height 2,554 mm
  • Inside Width 1,056 mm
  • Inside Depth 1,757 mm
  • Safety Arm 914 mm