Team GB’s ‘pre-loved’ Tokyo Olympics Equipment

Keio University facilities at Tokyo Olympics 2020 - gym equipment supplied and installed by Absolute Performance UK

Not all gym equipment is made equal. It’s a common misconception with strength equipment that “If it works, it works”. There are times when gym equipment needs to work an awful lot better. For prolonged or aggressive use, higher grade equipment gives both peace of mind, improved performance and motivational pride. A great example of this is the equipment supplied to Team GB for the Tokyo Olympics.

Todoroki Stadium at Tokyo Olympics - Absolute Performance gym equipment and installation

The three Tokyo Team GB training facilities were the strength training hubs for a group of over 300 elite competitors competing in 26 different events. Team training for the rugby sevens, football and hockey required multiple elite weight racks and enough space for group circuits. Weightlifters required IWF accredited bars, plates and platforms which wouldn’t give out under the extreme loads dropped on them. Track and field athletes required all manner of functional training accessories like medicine balls, wall balls, kettle bells and resistance bands to cater to their widely differing disciplines. They were the most versatile and impressive set of strength training facilities we’ve created.

Emily Campbell training at Keio University facilities at Tokyo Olympics 2020 - gym equipment supplied and installed by Absolute Performance UK



For all three strength training facilities, Legend Pro-Series Power Racks were custom sprayed in the five Olympic colours (blue, yellow, black, green and red). These weight racks were accompanied by attachments and accessories such as dip stations, landmine attachments and split squat roller bars. The racks were either fitted with pullup stations or connected by pullup bar cage connectors. The range of attachments and applications of these powerful weight training stations makes them incredibly versatile.

To accompany the power racks at two of the gym sites, Werksan Lionfit Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates were supplied for barbell training. These brightly coloured premium rubber weight plates were ideal for the team and individual training use of an athletic organisation like Team GB. The easily identifiable coloured weight plates are designed for aggressive, prolonged use, so the mere six weeks of use from the Olympic athletes were easily handled by their superior engineering.

A number of Legend resistance machines were also supplied, such as cable pulls, 45 degree leg presses and plate-loaded shoulder/bench pressers.

Full sets of premium Apex PU Dumbbells were supplied for free weights areas. The Team Rugby Sevens teams made especially good use of these in team training sessions.

We also floored all three facilities with high-grade rubber gym flooring. Along with a host of gym accessories and performance recovery items like foam massage rollers, gym balls and gym mats, the strength training gyms at the Tokyo Olympics were more than adequate in assisting Team GB in bringing a near-record number of medals back home (their record was set in Rio … we supplied the training facilities there, too).

Performance lodge at Tokyo Olympics 2020 - gym equipment and installation by Absolute Performance UK



Some of the world-class, dual-branded equipment used by Team GB during the Games now remains in the Keio University campus training facilities, honourably gifted to the city of Tokyo for the teamwork and international camaraderie which made the games happen in the first place. Arguably, no other city could have pulled off such a mammoth task in the middle of an international crisis (Arigatou gozaimasu, Tokyo!).


The rest of the gym equipment – supplied on a rental basis – was re-packed by our own team and sent on shipping containers back to our UK warehouse. During their three month journey, various items of this equipment were pre-purchased and snapped up by a handful of our luckiest clients (but some of it is still available!).

Keio University facilities at Tokyo Olympics 2020 - gym equipment supplied and installed by Absolute Performance UK



The most notable of our clients who got hold of the Olympic equipment were Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club. Their new Strength & Performance Centre in Wiltshire was the ideal setting for a stunning complement of five Legend Pro Series Power Racks. The club also took on a number of other items of the Team GB Tokyo Olympics gym equipment, including a premium Glute-ham Developer, perfect for the leg strength and conditioning needs of rugby training.

Cambridge University also took strong advantage of the opportunity to own some of this premium Olympic equipment. To add to their already well-equipped strength and conditioning facility (which we also floored and installed), CU purchased a complete fit-out of the Werksan Lionfit Coloured Bumper Plates. Cleaned, delivered and installed these now add a world-class finishing touch to their educational training facility, leaving a powerful legacy with the students and staff alike. Many students and staff have already commented on the ‘bragging rights’ which come with using equipment which has also been used by athletes like Adam Peaty, Laura Kenny, Jade Jones and Tom Daley.



Call us or email us. You can even direct message us on social media if you like. If you’re interested in any of this world-class equipment at incredible ‘pre-loved prices, we’ll be happy to talk to you.

We have a full list of the remaining Olympic gym equipment here:

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