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Underground Training Station

A gym extension

The Underground Training Station is an established and popular private gym in Merseyside. Having been involved in its previous expansions, we understood the business and its capacity for further growth. So we were delighted to be asked to help take UTS to another level – by designing the unused space at its Hoylake facility.

Designing & Installing a lifting & movement zone

We had a large space to work with; something of a luxury when it comes to gym design. But a big area has its own challenges, How to pick the right strength equipment is one of them, and in UTS’s case, how to create a new space that complemented the existing gym, both visually and practically.

  1. Gym Flooring – Two-layer flooring throughout

  2. Gym Design – Open space for plyometric drills, speed drills and general movement patterns

  3. Strength Equipment – Defined by a bespoke 15m free-standing rig with 10 lifting bays and Werksan bars and plates, and 60 DC lifting blocks

Strength equipment set up of UTS
Strength Equipment at UTS

A Gym design that takes the gym forward

This new training space fits perfectly with the UTS ethos and brand. The strength equipment is functional, inspirational, smart, And we think it further sets UTS apart from its competition.

By picking the brains of the AP team we have been able to create an additional 400sqm of fantastic training space.

Neil Parsley , Director at UTS

Products Supplied

Werksan Fractional Plates

£35.99 - £109.99

DC Blocks®

£49.99 - £950.00

Werksan Lionfit Bumper Plates

£209.99 - £1,265.00

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