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Scott's Personal Training

A Personal Training Studio for all

Scott McHale wanted a facility that would inspire clients to achieve their personal fitness goals. An experienced personal trainer with a loyal client following, Scott knew that he’d need a good range of strength equipment and a clever gym design in his new space near Kew Bridge in London.

Small space. Big impact.

This project was all about smart design. Scott wanted a fully equipped gym that wouldn’t make his clients feel hemmed in; there had to be room to move around freely. We had worked on many similar projects, including home gyms, so we understood the challenges and, more importantly, knew what to do about them, in terms of smart gym design and highly functional strength equipment.

Gym Installation

Our Gym installation team spent 4 days installing the gym flooring and strength equipment.`

  1. A combination of AP Heavy Weight 40mm Tile and AP Evolution artificial turf, to make best use of the gym floor space

  2. A large, protected free weight area, and a second area for clients’ movement work

  3. Werksan bars, plates, power racks and benches branded in Scott’s Personal Training colours and logo

Gym design
Layout of PT Studio

A stunning studio

Scott is justifiably proud of his reputation and brand, so it was vital to reflect this when it came to the strength equipment specification and the overall look and feel of the gym. We’re really proud to have helped Scott create the best possible environment in which to train, educate, and motivate his clients. And it’s great to see his business going from strength to strength.

Products Supplied

Werksan Fractional Plates

£29.00 - £102.00

DC Block®
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