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Martin Nugent Elite Performance

A cutting edge facility in a converted sports hall

Respected strength and conditioning coach Martin Nugent had his sights set on creating a world-class training facility in the North East of England. It would involve transforming an existing sports hall in the grounds of Sunderland College into a unique centre for sports students, elite athletes, and the public.

The space for developing athletes

The idea of ‘space’ was crucial. Martin wanted people to be able to move freely within the facility, so our design had to incorporate the right equipment without overloading the area. We also created specific zones for targeted strength and conditioning training.

  1. AP Heavyweight 40mm rubber floor tiles

  2. Central 2m-wide artificial track, with a central MNEP logo

  3. Lifting area featuring six, MNEP-branded Legend Half Racks

  4. Dumbbells, benches, cable machines

  5. Cardio equipment including Watt Bikes and Ski Ergs.

  6. MNEP-branded Werksan Olympic Training Plates, benches, and plyo boxes.

Photo of gym layout and equipment

Not your average gym

There’s nothing standard about MNEP. From the look and feel of the equipment, to the tailored set-up and carefully designed use of space, this gym is leading the way. We’re proud to have helped Martin and his team set the standard.

Together with AP we have created a unique facility that encompasses everything that is required to train intelligently and unleash your inner athlete.

Martin Nugent , Elite Performance