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England Rugby

Creating a world class training facility

The England Rugby National Fitness Centre, Twickenham, is where the England team prepare to win for their country, and they are pushing the boundaries of fitness even further. Preparing for battle on the world rugby stage requires nothing short of a world-class training facility, and working tirelessly with the RFU coaching team, we’re proud to have delivered exactly that.

Zoned training areas with innovative flooring solutions

The England Rugby players need to achieve the highest levels of muscular strength, power and speed, whilst increasing their resistance to injury. We designed a clever way to zone the space, with dedicated areas for the team’s specific training exercises. We also came up with some innovative flooring solutions that would hold up against the variety of movements that players would be carrying out in training and during warm-up sessions.

  1. Lineout practice zone – with a turf suitable to take a stud but have a critical fall height of 2m

  2. Scrummage and ruck zone – a self-contained area with a rubber and silica crumb

  3. Sled work zone – for strength training using the double conditioning sled

  4. Sprint and plyometric track – a multi-layered surface that enables the use of a running spike and allows for bounding and speed work of heavier athletes

  5. Weightlifting area with integrated platforms – eaturing specialist 40mm thick AP Heavyweight tiling to withstand the toughest treatment that Olympic weightlifting training can throw at it. Laid to provide a totally level flooring area, so the area can be used for multiple training purposes at any one time. 

  6. Functional training rig – a 4-metre, wall mounted rig provides a dedicated space for countless functional training exercises, enabling athletes to develop total body strength through traditional bodyweight exercises.

Capturing the team's spirit

The new gym embodies the team’s spirit and their commitment of performing to win for their country. From the motivational wall art, to the branding of the famous red rose of England on the dumbbells and the words England Rugby proudly branded on the Werksan plates, there is a constant reminder for what all the sweat and tears are for.

Absolute Performance listened carefully to what we were saying and with their extensive experience and knowledge of fitting out rugby facilities, were prepared to challenge us to aim even higher

Simon Worsnop , RFU National Fitness Advisor